My name is Grégoire, I am 38 years old. Originally from Tours, I opened in 2008 a decoration shop specialising in paint, wallpaper, cement tiles and parquet.

Through many trips around the world to try my passion "kitesurfing", I fell in love with Morocco for its culture, its lights and its crafts.

After the covid, I wanted to share all this with you by opening an online website specialized in interior decoration.

I hunt, select and manufacture just for you. Each product is unique and handmade by our craftsmen.

We offer a selection of ethically made objects, mainly from Morocco. We offer carpets, Mauritanian mats, plaids, foutas and ceramic objects around the art of the table, lighting, mirrors but also zelliges and cement tiles. We can also make rugs, zelliges and cement tiles to measure. 

We advise you in the selection of materials and colours for a successful interior decoration.

I do my utmost to ensure that the collaboration with our craftsmen is in keeping with the ethical framework and the line of conduct that I have set for myself, i.e. to be at the right price for my customers and to ensure that the craftsmen are properly paid.